Whether spoken, written or within our own thoughts, words have the ability to transform the world we live in. Our intent with this project is to portray the power words have when spoken and lived with intent, and how that power is at its best when used to inspire positive change.

The Evolve to Love Movement came about in 2013 when some childhood friends and I retreated back to our home of Trinidad and Tobago from different parts of the globe. All being recent undergraduates, the typical confusion, angst and overwhelming fear about what to do next set in. What felt like a near quarter life crisis was actually an enormous opportunity for self discovery, and personal growth. 

Re-evaluating our life's purpose, we began questioning . . . everything. What am I really doing with my life? How do I find true happiness?  Why do so many people preach what they do not practice? Have we forgotten the power of our word? Why are there increasing acts of violence?  How can we help change the world for the better? The list goes on.

These questions then lead us to conducting an experiment in which we came up with twenty five positive words to be picked at random by twenty five people (including ourselves) of various creeds, races, ages and genders. We asked them to be their word for a week, and allow it to seep into every area their lives while taking note of whatever was experienced.

Our experiment turned into a feature length documentary, and transformed all of our lives in a quite simple, but profound way. We realized that there are endless approaches to effect positive change and that there are no select few who have the power to change it. We all have the innate ability. All it takes is continuous thoughtfulness, faith and action . . . stemming from a place of authenticity and love.


"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world"

                                                                                              -- Robin Williams